Would you prefer to like or to follow?

As a matter of fact, a lot of Instagrammers follow an account and then go!

I would prefer that someone likes my post first, and eventually, follows me later.

This is really important for your ER (engagement rate). You need an active audience, not spies.

“The ideal new follower’s habits are to follow, to give 3 likes and to continue to like you”

I have more than 6k followers who NEVER liked or commented on my posts. They are laggers or ghosts followers. (see the article about The Ghost Followers)

And, although, I would love to have around 45k followers by now, I won’t let my account grow until I have reached a level of ER that satisfies me, and for my company account; I want a good 7 to 10% ER.

Inactive users decrease your account performance. With an average jump of 80 new followers per day, my engagement rate would become terrible if I kept the inactive ones. 

Since I am not interested in mass lagger users, each new follower who does not interact with me is blocked. 

There are 1 billion Instagrammers and 500 million daily users on Instagram.

What do I do?

I look at each new account that starts to follow my accounts.

I look at each account that liked my account because I like back.

This means that all the followers that

  • already follow 7,499 people are immediately blocked because they will never see my posts,
  • liked me once, three months ago will be blocked, because I’ve lost their interest in my account,
  • never engaged are regularly blocked/removed,
  • anyone that is not art world related is blocked too.

All Instagrammers that fulfil the above four conditions are at blocked.

Who do I unfollow?

This is a personal taste I guess. But I will never go over 500 following accounts. You need to be very specific and target your selected audience.

I unfollow immediately, everyone who publish too many selfies, babies, foodies, kitties and doggies.

For people that you cannot unfollow, you can ”MUTE” their posts. I keep on seeing their Stories and from time to time, I like their post.

Action for you:

Before you follow someone first like, then follow.

You don’t like anything on their feed? Fine, don’t follow the account.

Who would not want an engagement rate like this account below 👇

Let’s say as an artist, your primary objective is to increase your awareness with collectors and galleries. You believe that your artworks are quality and can sell well.

Using Instagram to increase your reach and likeability is perfect! The social proof may interest a gallerist or a collector. 

Although, please note that they may follow you for a couple of months or a year before they contact you. It’s when you have to be pro-active and engage an off-line conversation.

Instagram is the perfect window to show your artworks, your events, how regularly you produce new series and how your style evolves.

You may sell here and there. And that’s a good return on your time passed on Instagram better than doing Google adverts and maintaining your website.

A high engagement rate and time, can do marvel on Instagram.

Happy Instagramming! 

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