Who’s who in the art world?

With all my artists’ encounters, one constant question popping up is ”Who do I contact?”.

It’s easy in a way, you just need to start with 3 key Influencers and TIME!

On Instagram, you can easily connect with a target influencer. You follow him/her, you comment and contribute to the conversation, you like and at some point, you send a DM. You let mature your relationship. And, repeat!

Virality is all about ”birds of a feather flock together”, meaning that the same kind of people stays together. The art world is, in fact, quite small in terms of key players. And, of course, they know each other.

Otherwise, if you want to find more names, you may listen to all the art podcasts available. I think it is an enriching experience filled with real stories. You get a sense of the interviewees’ personality.

And, you have a better understanding of how the art world works.

Do you want more names of superstars? You can invest in a funny book called ”100 Secrets of the Art World” by Thomas Girst and @MagnusResch. There are easy to read and visually appealing anecdotes but more importantly some Influencers names.

Invest your time in researching your ideal Influencer

  • set the objective
  • engage, engage, engage
  • be patient and genuinely interested in the Influencer

Profiles of interest on Instagram

Because, they tag and mention people: 

@larrys_list @klausbiesenbach @MagnusResch and more interesting people for you to discover in THoTA Instagram Academy.😀

Happy Instagramming! 

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