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Top Secret: Instagram Engagement PODs

On Instagram, apparently, you have got 5 min. to prove that your post is interesting!

Today, the new algorithm - like FB - decides to show your post to more followers, based on the level of interaction within the first 5 min to max 2-hour.

Instagram is limiting the impressions and reach that posts receive in view to inflate their advertising income by pushing you to “Promote” your publications.

To overcome that auto-censure from Instagram, there are PODs. 
PODs are engagement groups, where members share and comment on a link of the other members. The PODs can be found on Facebook, Instagram DM (max 30), Telegram, What’s app, Kik, etc.

PODS explained

There are different groups were you have a min. like and/or comment (L+C) to give. There are all sorts of group from travel to music to life style to kitties.

The rules are easy: before you can post your own image, you better like the requested nr: 5, 8, 10 or 20 before you post your image. And, you do it manually without any software. Remember it should be prompt in action due to the 5 min threshold.

Then, you can type: D for done, add your IG profile and the link without the image viewer in the group. Hoping that the following members of the group will come and like your link.

There is an ART only group managed by @Needled on Telegram.

The rules can vary for each POD

Copy your post link on Instagram

Pasted in the POD

The Pros & Cons

Some studies suggest that Instagram’s algorithm does not work the way PODs suggest. If you select a related niche group, you may increase your followers - naturally with PODs.

The timing is key when people are actively posting; consequently, you have a lot of people following you that supposedly like and comment on your publication.

Otherwise, the risk is that you could L+C on people and then no one is following you; you have a poor result; like mine after 15 hrs, only two came after me and they did not L+C me. 😫

Therefore, mass groups of a few thousand users are most probably better.

Two factors become super important: Timing and Location - even when using engagement PODs.

Most of those PODs are US-based. If they are in the US, they might not be your primary audience online. But the engagement group may help you to be shown to your own followers. The best is to find an engagement group in your timezone.

After posting, in reality, you should only be responding to comments since it increases the engagement rate as well. Remember that 1 comment = 5 likes.

Influencers are using those groups but it shows in the “Fake Influencer” report. So might not be that useful in term of quality.

Anti-spam from Instagram recognises that “strangers” who are not even following your account like you repeatedly. Instagram now remove “fake likes” and “fake comments”. Resulting in wasting most of your time instead of giving you benefits.

Alternative Tip

The first person to like your posts is you. Like and save your own posts!

Second, as you know you may upload up to 6 IG profiles on your phone … 

I’ve 3 phones so I let you imagine how many L+C+S, I gave myself immediately after posting 😜. 

However, you have to perform some activities on each of your fake accounts or Instagram will consider you as a “ghost account” and as spam, your actions will be removed.

This tip helps me to be in Top Posts in my # instead of passing by “Recent posts”. Winning over big Instagrammers accounts. I’ve even beaten an old post from Simon DePury (194k followers / + 1.3 k likes) on #CindySherman.

Being in Top Stories (6 to 9 posts) for a while increase the potential new followers and increase your engagement.

And, I even managed to be on Explore. The “must be” to attract more new followers. 

The “View Insights” allows you to check your # performances or how people found you.  
Go to your post and view insight, flip upward to discover more. You need a business account for that functionality. 👇


You need to define precisely your target audience, where they are located and know their habits (when are they online). Then adapt your publications to their style. Hence, planning posts become more important than ever.

Big followers account do not mean high quick engagement - the bigger the account, the most difficult it is to keep up the engagement!

Choose the solution that is the easiest for you: PODS or multiple ghosts accounts.

Happy Instagramming! 

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