I have nothing relevant to say

Like a writer facing the blank page or at the beginning of a new painting, sometimes, we are a bit stuck with our Instagram “content production” pipeline.

With the holidays, the content may vary with some beach and cool sunsets, it’s the season - Ok.

However, I would like to point out some unprofessional content all year round.

Unprofessional content

I hate those who publish their pets - even more, when some people start doing it over and over.  Surprisingly, there are big and professional accounts that are tempted too.

I find those publications as visual spam, they do not bring anything to me - not even an affectionate or humorous tone. Because my personal goal is to see what art is produced now!

There are limitless examples, just for the illustration; here are some recent ones: 

How do you want your audience to take you seriously? 

For an artist accountcould you explain to me how your cat in front of your artwork sells your painting?

Instead of falling ”under the pressure” to absolutely post without a purpose; I would prefer you don’t post at allKeep in mind what your followers like and not your own tastes.

To close, my feeling about content such as babies, kitties, doggies, foodies and selfies is exactly the same. I’m not interested in what you eat, how expensive is your new outfit, how funny is your dog and how sensual your cat moves. Accounts with too much of themselves are a block.

I had to follow an art collector for one year to only see boring pictures of himself.  I muted him as soon as he followed me back. Yes, you may have forgotten that you can mute “Post and Stories” on Instagram.

How to produce constantly RELEVANT content?

There are infinite manners to produce relevant content that will serve you. Such as: 

  • going to exhibitions, 
  • going to preview evenings, 
  • reposting big fairs, galleries, art critics, art collectors or art newspaper accounts, 
  • producing videos about your life in the studio, 
  • documenting the creation of your new artwork,
  • publishing the news in the press about you, 
  • posting your previous exhibition with #throwback,
  • publishing your artwork in a collector’s house with the collector,
  • filming testimonial about collectors and why they bought from you, and so forth.

The great value of a repost

I am an Instagram curator - meaning that I barely produce any Instagram content myself. I am only re-posting content that serves my purpose and of interest to my audience. Don’t be afraid to repost others good content.

The only picture I took myself with my phone is this one about Gabriel Orozco “La DS (which in French sounds like “the goddess”) @kanal.centrepompidou, in Brussels. 

Guess what? It was reposed by the curator @Pascal_Beausse on the @Cnapfr Instagram account. Pascal Beausse also tagged a lot of Influencers. This little picture brought me lot of important eyes on my account.

Do you agree with me? 

Happy Instagramming! 

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