How often should I post on Instagram?

Sadly, the organic reach on Instagram continues to decline, as much as important to know when to post to Instagram to beat the famous algorithm, it becomes more important to know how often you could post to Instagram!

Before the Instagram algorithm was chronological and valid for 72 minutes, now it seems that your post has a longer lifespan and can still be noticed up to 3 days later by your audience. But for your engagement rate, you need quick actions within 5 min. That’s the only reason, knowing exactly when your target audience is online is important for the engagement.

Posting strategy

The more you post quality content, with the correct #, at the right time; the more chances you have to attract new followers in a target location. A lot of testing will be needed to validate what time for each time zone is better.

What frequency would you advise? 

Well, all depends upon your objectives. 

If your intention is to reach as many people as possible, then 3 times per day every day, it is. Let’s say you’re based in London, you could post in the morning for Asia, noon for Europe and late pm for NYC. Instagram is global.

What are the pros & cons?

  • If your objective is to gain more followers, post on a daily basis at the same time to attract a new specific audience. You will have less engagement. Your older followers may after a while have enough of you - if your visual content gets boring or repetitive. You would definitely need monthly planning and enough material to prepare captions and # in advance, plus a self-publishing tool like Later (if you still count on eating with your family).
  • If your objective is to consolidate your community, post every two or three days at the same time. You would have more direct engagement per post and start to build relationships. The number of followers is not that important, the engagement is paramount as seen in ”What’s the difference between Like and Follow?”

Do you remember that success is QAR

=> Quality, authenticity and regularity.

Whatever is your target, remain consistent: less is more. The Instagram algorithm favours regularity and immediate engagement. Your ideal posting frequency will depend on you and the amount of time you can dedicate to your Instagram efforts.

Again, if you can dedicate 20 min per day to being active towards your audience, remain in that range to avoid a burden. It will take longer but social media is a moment in time. 

If you are still unsure, maybe you could publish a Poll Story and ask your followers. A perfect manner to engage and give them a voice.


The best posting frequency for Instagram is the frequency that you can consistently maintain for the rest of your life.

Happy Instagramming! 

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