Social Impact

My Commitment

I am a Social Entrepreneur, a Visual Artists Mentor and an Instagram Tutor.

I believe that Artists matter especially Women Artists.

I am living with the purpose to equip my Artists' Community and to help Visual Artists to #MakeInstagramWorkForYou, so you can "Live Work Create" in the studio.


THoTA already supports the artists' community

The House of The Artists gives free services to those in a difficult time:

  • free Instagram services (THoTA Agency),
  • free access to the courses in THoTA Instagram Academy,
  • free access to the private THoTA Club (Academy + Instagram),
  • free mentoring sessions.

To date, The House of The Artists already supported 17 artists for a total value of service of £ 4,430 (52.60% of revenue)

Do you believe in my mission?


THoTA makes business differently

Hello every one,

I would like to take the opportunity of this new website to share with you some exciting news!

#throwback June 2015; I took the decision to launch a charitable online art gallery.  Long story short, it did not happen yet. 🥴

Today, THoTA returns on the charitable track. However, the set-up of a charity is long in the making and very constraining. 

Hence, I opt for a flexible structure that allows THoTA to grow as a company but also to share back to the artists’ community.

And, the best format is a social enterprise

THoTA became a member of Social Enterprise UK because I believe, if we are to achieve a vision for our world that is fair, equitable, enterprising, prosperous and sustainable; we need to make social enterprise the normal way of doing business, rather than the exception.

28 August 2019, I was so proud to announce that THoTA is officially a "Certified Member" of the Social Enterprise directory in the UK. 🤘

And, I will participate in the Social Enterprise Campaign next 7-12 October 2019

😀 Buy Social for a Better World 😀

What is a social enterprise?

It is a company that makes business and re-invests part of its profits in activities that support a community or a registered charity.

👍 Learn with a "feeling good" factor 😀

The House of The Artists financially contributes to programmes that help artists in the world.

A good place to consider is for example Business for Good with international programmes that specifically help the creative communities.

My promise is that for every monthly THoTA Club membership; THoTA will give £ 1 to a charitable organisation.

A THoTA monthly membership only costs £ 27. Join to rock your career and do good too. Check for more info here.

And, the report will be displayed here 👇 so you can track the progresses about THoTA's support to "Dream A Dream".

Starting August 2019 and results to date is US$ 440.22:

Together, we will build a thriving community of artists!

About the organisation "Dream A Dream":

Founded in 1999, Dream A Dream is a registered charitable trust which seeks to empower children from vulnerable backgrounds by developing life skills and at the same time sensitising the community through active volunteering leading to a non-discriminatory society where unique differences are appreciated. Currently, Dream A Dream reaches out to over 1,500 children through an active network of over 1,000 community volunteers.


Art is a powerful medium for a child to develop critical life skills in a fun-filled, unobtrusive environment. Sponsor a child for a day of education program to learn art such as clay-modelling, puppetry and theatre. This helps children to value their uniqueness, appreciate their individuality, and build up their team skills, sense of worth, responsibility and discipline. The program provides a holistic approach in grooming children in becoming independent and responsible individuals in the future.

Jayanagar, # 11/17, 3rd Cross, 1st Block, Bangalore, India

Recommended artists' charities in London

DACS for your artists' rights, and The Art House for studio/residencies. More artists charities in the THoTA Club course.