Bring your artist career to the next level. 

Independent artists access private information: get exclusive members content, the support of a mentor and access to webinars, "Live Q&A" and much more.

What Tony says about THoTA Club


Hello, my name is YoungMi

Since 2015, I have helped artists to reach their communication objectives on Instagram.

Book your "Discovery Call" for more info about the THoTA Club, the  Mentoring and the Instagram Services.

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What' s included in THoTA Club?

  • Exclusive THoTA Club content on Teachable
  • Unlimited access to all online courses (except the Premium course)
  • 1-1 Mentoring and ad-hoc responses via email/WhatsApp
  • Profile Optimisation
  • Receive likes from all THoTA Associated Instagram accounts
  • Live Q&A
  • WhatsApp support group

Exclusive THoTA Club content on Teachable.

Plus, unlimited access* to an ever-expanding library of online classes

In-depth courses help you to manage your Instagram account with a straightforward methodology. 

*Access to all the current and future courses (except the Premium Course).

Artist Coaching / Mentoring

Reach your artist career objectives with a coach who keeps you on track.

Ad-hoc 1:1 quick call

Instagram Profile Optimisation

Get feedback on how to make your Instagram profile stand out in a 121 conversation. (value £60)

Receive and Give

Receive likes and comments from THoTA associated IG accounts

Access the private @TH0TAClub Instagram account to spy on the art influencers.

Access the replays of Live "Q&A"

Any question? Attend the 
"Live Q&A" and access the replays.

WhatsApp support group

You are not alone! Do you have a question? Send me a WhatsApp and we solve it during  a private conversation.

Receive the current trendy # to focus on and the fair calendar to follow.

Join THoTA Club!

Be curious. Be thoughtful. Be inspired.

Since 2015, THoTA Club is the first art world online platform only designed for visual artists!

Choose a monthly membership that suits you below 👇

THoTA Club only*

£ 20.00 GBP per month

US$ 27.60 USD per month

€ 22.88 EUR per month

👍 Learn with a "feeling good" factor 😀

My promise is that for every monthly membership

you support our Social Impact Commitment

Together, we will build a thriving community of artists!

Why is the THoTA Club limited to 100 artists?

THoTA Club is limited to 100 artists in order to keep the service quality to the best level for each member. 

I favour direct individual human contact. 😁

Do you only want Mentoring?

* currency ex-rate fixed on 26 December 2018.

Do you want quality on Instagram?

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