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Instagram Academy for Visual Artists

Make Instagram Work For You

The House of The Artists

Based in London, THoTA boosts your online presence by teaching you "How to Instagram". The only Instagram Academy for Visual Artists that helps artists, like you, to get the “right eyes” on their Instagram profile. Learn with the best online Instagram courses to grow organically to 10k followers.

Get extra push with an artist Mentor, who helps you to connect with the right galleries, collectors, fairs and advisors for your style. As a result, you develop your artistic career and create more.

THoTA is a social enterprise, which believes that artists matter especially women artists. Read more about THoTA Social Impact.


Success Stories

Real artist's success with Instagram

Walter Paul Bebirian

About THoTA Instagram Academy

"The structure and details that you have provided both here in this course as well as privately directly to me is excellent and anyone who is interested in learning should have no fear or hesitation to take your course know full well that they will get more than enough help from you along the way - :-)"

Barbara Gothart

About 1:1 Mentoring

"The publisher of Artist Talk Magazine had discovered my artwork on Instagram and asked to include my work in this issue. Needless to say, I'm absolutely thrilled and can hardly contain my excitement. I cannot help recalling our first telephone call when my fear of Instagram was heightened, but your generosity, superb guidance and encouragement made this possible. Thank you for all that you've done for me."

Julien Montironi 

THoTA 1:1 mentoring

In less than a week, 3 possible galleries representation and 5 paintings sold, in Belgium.

YoungMi m'a permis de comprendre comment je pouvais gagner en présence sur le net. Et donc d'agrandir mes possibilités d'expositions physiques et de ventes. Choses extrêmement importantes pour les artistes modernes. Être artiste aujourd'hui, c'est aussi savoir utiliser les réseaux sociaux à leur maximum. C'est en cela que les services de YoungMi sont indispensables. Merci.👏

All you need is exposure

THoTA helps you to create your personal brand and to market your artworks via Instagram.  Hence, you have more time to live work create

Unlike the other Instagram Agencies, THoTA specialises in visual arts and focuses on quality connections.

THoTA Services

The House of The Artists (THoTA) supports your artist's life with 5 services:


THoTA Club

Get a deeper knowledge about the Art world with Mentoring and gain exposure