Artists' successes on Instagram


What size do you need to sell art or to be "discovered"?

Frankly, it depends on what you do

Some artists regularly sell with 1,200 followers, some got a gallery with only 700 followers, and another one had an article with 261 followers - there is no rule of thumb

But seriously, the better connections you have, the more chances you have to find that gallery, that collector or that curator interested in your artwork.

And, you need time to help you to find your ideal followers.

Michael Mund

About THoTA Agency

He participated in a group show in Miami and Bratislava. 

He just had a Live Performance with @KaarisOfficiel1, Aug 2019, in Belgium! 

Kseniya Oudenot

About THoTA Agency

THoTA managed her Instagram account for 4 months. 

She found a gallery representation in NYC via Instagram.

And, Kseniya is currently exhibiting an artwork in Venice during the Biennale.

Leena Mertanen

After one 1:1 mentoring session, she may sign for an art book deal in Finland!

Gita Meh

A museum-class artist back on track with the 1:1 Mentoring and a solo retrospective in Teheran by the end of the year 2019.

"YoungMi is my miracle"

Barbara Gothart

About 1:1 Mentoring

"The publisher of Artist Talk Magazine had discovered my artwork on Instagram and asked to include my work in this issue. Needless to say, I'm absolutely thrilled and can hardly contain my excitement. I cannot help recalling our first telephone call when my fear of Instagram was heightened, but your generosity, superb guidance and encouragement made this possible. Thank you for all that you've done for me."

Walter Paul Bebirian

About THoTA Instagram Academy

"The structure and details that you have provided both here in this course as well as privately directly to me is excellent and anyone who is interested in learning should have no fear or hesitation to take your course know full well that they will get more than enough help from you along the way - :-)"

François Harray Photographer

About THoTA Agency

"I've contacted YoungMi to help me to sell my photographs online. We reworked my website, my Saatchi page and created a "private gallery". 
An additional sale per month! 😄"

And even a possible gallery representation.

"My Instagram account rocks.  Everything managed by THoTA. A very enjoyable experience!"

Julien Montironi 

THoTA 1:1 mentoring 

In less than a week, 3 possible galleries representation and 5 paintings sold, in Belgium.

YoungMi m'a permis de comprendre comment je pouvais gagner en présence sur le net. Et donc d'agrandir mes possibilités d'expositions physiques et de ventes. Choses extrêmement importantes pour les artistes modernes. Être artiste aujourd'hui, c'est aussi savoir utiliser les réseaux à leur maximum. C'est en cela que les services de YoungMi sont indispensables. Merci.👏

Jessie Pitt

About THoTA Agency

"Thank you for the advice and the lists, and everything you are doing for me. It is amazing and as always I am incredibly grateful."

Tony Okura-Martins

About THoTA Agency

"From 61 followers, 5 likes and 0% engagement rate to 500 followers, 4.4K likes and 175 comments - in only 2 months. My engagement rate rocketed to 43.89%Good to feel appreciated.

We are now setting up my Etsy account. Wonderful! 😍"

Artco Galerie
Contemporary Art Gallery 

"YoungMi took charge of the launch of the communications campaign before Art Paris 2017 like a star. She prepared the interviews with the Press, prepared the social media and help us on the stand. We sold out in 45 min. Two articles in the press. Thank you for your great support!"

Art Paris campaign for Marion Boehm:
1,800 blog readers, 723 likes on FB in 2 hours, 50+ Retweet and 7,800 Instagram views.
The stand was sold out in 45 min. 👏

Accessible Art Fair

About THoTA Agency

Instagram mini-boost (May 2017)
from 1,134 to 1,982 followers
=> +75% in 6 weeks 

with 2.36% engagement rate 🤙