Why a Podcast?

A podcast is a great manner to learn on the go or when you cool down.  The purpose is that you keep your eyes on the artwork and not on the computer screen.

😋 Enjoy my English with waves of French accent but from 🇧🇪

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Hello every one, 

Welcome to The House of The Artists  - Podcast named "Do you Instagram?"

My name is YoungMi, I'm your host for this show and I am thrilled to have you here.

This is a quick introduction to the new series of audio content that I’ve decided to produce for you.

I have been procrastinating for months 😨, before jumping into the pool and have fun with you now. 🤗 

My mission is to help artists, like you, to get the “right eyes” on their Instagram profile.

Why Instagram? 

Because Instagram is visual, is young and is trendy!

And, because there is no better time to take advantage of the online world for an artist than today.

You can use Instagram:

1. to connect with your key audience, 

2. to show your portfolio to key people,

3. to sell your artwork.

You can use Instagram for all the reasons above and more BUT you have to use Instagram properly.

And this is the reason, I want you to make the “Instagram Work For You”. So that, you master this tool and spend more time to live work create.

And finally, let me congratulate you. Yes, YOU! For willing to take actions to make Instagram work for you and expand your knowledge about the art world.

And, without further ado, let's jump into the show. 👍

*    *    *

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