Hello, my name is YoungMi

Since 2015, I have helped artists to reach their marketing communication objectives.

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Reach your objectives with the support of a mentor 

When it comes to our careers, we all get stuck sometimes. We don't know what to focus on or how to catch opportunities. 

Maybe, the only thing you need is to chat with a mentor who perfectly understands your challenges. A professional who can share practical solutions and guide you right back on track.

Do you want to find a gallery representation? I can help you to target the right one for your artwork.

And last but not least, I have a database of 3,500 collectors in the world to connect you with. And, I am building a database of contemporary collectors on Instagram.

Let's talk and see how I can help you. Together we identify the strategy, we agree upon the actions to be taken. We set up the timeline and we evaluate the results.

I support you to reach your specific objectives via WhatsApp.

About your Mentor , I speak English and French.  Book your "Discovery Call"

Get clarity about where you are, what is important to you and where you want to be.

Keep optimistic and focus on the positive side of your artistic career.

With a clear vision, you define your goals. And with focus, you will turn your "dreams" into reality.

What will you get from taking actions?

  • Develop your skills and maximise your impact as an artist
  • Define your goals and how you can achieve them
  • Discover new opportunities to be unleashed
  • Determine your own solutions to connect with your Influencers: collectors, curators, advisors and galleries.
  • Listen back to our conversation with all the audio-track in your personal file

On-demand service

1 Mentoring session (1x50 min)

£ 60 GBP for 1 session

US$ 77 USD for 1 session

€ 70 EUR for 1 session

The Connector Package

The ultimate mentoring 8-week programme for your success

For mature artists with a focus in Europe (London / Paris / Brussels / Berlin)

Mature means artists that are well anchored in their practice and their style

Please book a call to know the specificities of the programme

THoTA’s mission

THoTA’s mission is to educate the visual artists to ”Make Instagram Work for You”. I believe that you can use Instagram as your new business card and get access to a pool of collectors and galleries that will be interested in you.

Together, we increase your good connections via Mentoring and we find the right ones for your art. After all, you should have more time to ”live work create” in the studio.

For the sceptical - YES, a good combination of online and offline activities will boost your artistic career. I simply guide you in the right direction.

You can read a few artists’ Success Stories and, now, you can create yours.

Barbara Gothart

I'm so glad I took your sage advice to slow down my exhibit process, which is allowing me time to approach all aspects of the exhibits in a much more cohesive - and much less frantic way that I was functioning in the past.  It’s nice to have time to digest and reflect.


Anja Sieber

YoungMi, I am so grateful! 

I feel sometimes a bit insecure. You give me power! And I am beginning to enjoy it, exploring and testing all the new tools and rules.​

I am really excited and very motivated since I now you and am a part of THoTA Club. Cheers,


THoTA has a global reach and operates already in a few countries around the world.


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