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Instagram one-off services

ShoutOut One image or video ( 24 hrs)*

£ 40

€ 45

$ 50

* In a shoutout what really counts is the engagement within 2 hrs with your regular followers. After it may be extended to a maximum of 7 hrs (for a different time zone) and 12 hrs for a global reach, then it is mostly done!  More info and explanation about the Shoutout here

Instagram Profile Optimisation

50-min conversation to optimise your profile + InstaLab Analysis (one-off service)

£ 60

€ 69

$ 75

Instagram Cleaning

Remove your ghost followers and following (one-off service)

£ 155

€ 175

$ 195


Instagram Monthly  subscription

Your Instagram service will be automatically renewed each month. This prevents you from any service interruption.

For security reason, you will be requested to change and give me your new Instagram password.

For more effectiveness, it would be better if you have material to post (image / video) during the service.

Starter - Easiest

  • Like: # @ and location, your feed
  • Follow Influencers
  • Like Influencers
  • Monthly Quick Report

£ 100

€ 115

$ 130

Engage - Very Popular

  • Like: # @ and location, your feed
  • Like back
  • Like Influencers
  • Follow and engage with Influencers
  • Unfollow
  • DM your new followers
  • Comments on #
  • Monthly Quick Report

£ 200

€ 225

$ 255


  • Like and Like back
  • Follow / follow back / unfollow
  • Engage target audience via # @ location
  • Posting up to 12 images (3 per week)
  • Posting up to 30 Stories + IG TV
  • Power #, Tag and locations
  • Send comment on #
  • DM to your new followers
  • Filtering undesirable followers / ghosts
  • Comment back + response to comment
  • DM + response to DM
  • Monthly reporting



  • Top pack plus:
  • Posting up to 100 images + 10 videos per month
  • Posting up to 30 Stories + 10 IGTV per month
  • Engage your laggers' followers
  • Look for Influencers 
  • Monthly reporting and KPI


Marketing Campaign - RFP

We define your campaign objectives and we agree upon the strategy, the time line to deliver. We evaluate the campaign results.

Referral scheme

if you refer my services to a friend and you both book a monthly service; you both receive an additional one week free. 😄👍


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Should you want to cancel your monthly subscription, please contact us 7 days prior the renewal period.

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