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Opening hours

Tuesday to Thursday from 08.00-13.00 (GMT) 

Close on England's Bank Holidays: 19-22 April, 6 May, 27 May, 5 August, 26 August, 1 November, 23 December - 5 January 2020

The virtual office is located in central London (Chancery Lane area).



Can THoTA help me to get gallery representation?

Yes, via coaching. I can help you to target specific galleries and prepare your portfolio in view to build a future collaboration.

Can THoTA help me to sell my artworks to collectors?

Yes, I can share with you a few email addresses from collectors around the world.

Can THoTA help me to exhibit my work?

Yes, via coaching. I can help you to set up your exhibition either private or in a art fair.

Can THoTA help me with my digital marketing?

Yes, I help you to optimise your website, increase your online presence (website and Instagram) in view to gaining recognition, then potential sales.

Can THoTA help me with Instagram?

Yes, I can manage your Instagram account on your behalf. Choose a package that fits your budget here

What are the benefits of joining the THoTA Club?

For a nominal monthly fee per month:

  • You have access to all the courses in the Academy (except the Premium course).
  • You access THoTA Club content which is deep down relevant to you, the independent artists.
  • You join a community of other artists from various areas and can network with them.
  • You access online monthly Live Q&A, the replays and the future webinars.
  • 1:1 Mentoring, you can contact me when you need. And, we solve your issue during a WhatsApp conversation.
  • And more 😀

Why is the THoTA Club limited to 100 artists?

THoTA Club is limited to 100 artists in order to keep the service quality to the best level for each member. I favour direct individual human contact. 😁

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