Why are we here?

The House of The Artists (THoTA) believes that visual artists matter. We are here to develop your potential.

What do we do?

The House of The Artists places the artists at its core and helps you:

  • to navigate and to promote your work on Instagram
  • to gain clarity about your path and to measure your progress, so you can: Live Work Create
  • to connect with the right people for you

How do we help you?

The House of The Artists provides you with tools with the Instagram Academy.

Who is THoTA?

The House of The Artists (THoTA) is a certified social enterprise that helps visual artists to lead their life on their own terms.

Art can be a tool for social impact! THoTA places the artist's community at the heart of our business.

How do we act?

The House of The Artists is a social enterprise that acts with openness and transparency.

Plus, we favour equal opportunities for all visual artists in the world by delivering solutions that are affordable and accessible.


All you need is exposure


Success Stories

Real artist's success with THoTA

Walter Paul Bebirian

About the Instagram Academy

"The structure and details that you have provided both here in this course as well as privately directly to me is excellent and anyone who is interested in learning should have no fear or hesitation to take your course know full well that they will get more than enough help from you along the way - :-)"

Barbara Gothart

About 1:1 Mentoring

"The publisher of Artist Talk Magazine had discovered my artwork on Instagram and asked to include my work in this issue. Needless to say, I'm absolutely thrilled and can hardly contain my excitement. I cannot help recalling our first telephone call when my fear of Instagram was heightened, but your generosity, superb guidance and encouragement made this possible. Thank you for all that you've done for me."

Anja Sieber


About THoTA Club

Anja got an advertorial in British Vogue, November 2019. She was discovered via Instagram.

YoungMi, I am so grateful!

I feel sometimes a bit insecure. You give me power! And I am beginning to enjoy it, exploring and testing all the new tools and rules.​

I am really excited and very motivated since I now you and am a part of THoTA Club.


Our Story

Hello, YoungMi here.

Since 2015, I have helped artists, galleries and fairs to reach their digital communication objectives.

Adding to my MA Marketing Event degree, I studied Art Business & Management at Birkbeck University in London and at Sotheby's Institute of Arts (SIA) in New York.

Currently, a UAL mentor (University of Arts London), a member of the Museum Association.

Know more in my unauthorised biography.

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